Dragonfly Audio Centre is a leading provider, distributor, specialist in the professional audio system, karaoke system, home theater system, PC audio, public address (PA) system, and others audio accessories in Penang, Malaysia. Besides that we also have a full range of home theater series targeted to Hi-Fi enthusiastic and home living community.

Combined with ultrasonic audio performances of PC Audio and LCD Multimedia System deliver users a total cinematic audio experience without compromises and bringing your life into revolution of digital entertainment’s world without boundaries.

Established since 2009 by Mr Harry Tang, a superb experienced expert in the field of audio system. He has been running the company's operation with a team of professional expert to provide unrivaled support in the audio system industry.

Apart from this, Dragonfly Audio Centre also carry a wide range of products from some of the top brand in the market e.g. DENN, KAINO, BIK, AMPAUDIO and etc. We are a professional audio and sounds consultant that can help you choose the best products that fulfill your requirement.

If you wish to find the best karaoke system supplier, karaoke amplifier, karaoke system reseller or even KTV system & KTV shop in Penang, you are always welcome to contact & visit us @ Dragonfly Audio Centre - we will ensure you always get the best consultation on your audio visual equipment need.

Why Choose us? We are one of the most pioneer leader among the karaoke system supplier in Penang. Years of experience enable us to equip with a team of professional & highly skill service staffs to support you at anytime. Besides this, we have pleasure to work and partner with Professional Audio producer worldwide to ensure that, our customer get the best model & system with the professional sound quality. Our variety of quality products range will always ensure your satisfaction.


We aim to provide the best sounds player for everyone. Striving to seek the high quality and innovative product at an affordable price for our customers to reach the highest and best performance.

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EV Electro-Voice ZLX-12P

Audio2u Golden Pro Limited Edition Mic

Audio2u Chameleons Limited Edition Mic

Audio2u Gem Pink Limited Edition Mic

Audio2u Red Chili Limited Edition Mic

Audio2u MJ limited Edition

Audio2u Dragon Star Limited Edition

Audio2u Rose Gold Limited Edition

Audio2u Black Stone Limited Edition

Audio2u Celebrity Limited Version

Audio2u Galaxy Stone

Audio2u Show 8 piece Wireless Mic

Denn DPM-4633UHF

CARD PA-2008 Power Amplifier

Crown Power Amplifier

SoundMaxx Power Sequence

PS Audio Power Mixer 8 channel

JBL Eon612

Turbosound ix12

Turbosound M12

Crown XLi1500 Power Amp

Crown XLi 800 Power Amp

SoundMaxx X5 Processor Amplifier

Denn Power Mixer DJX-12ARB

Ampaudio Power Mixer 12 channel PMM-12

Ezitech Power mixer with wireless mic

Yamaha MG82CX Mixer

Ezitech N7USB mixer

Ezitech Power Mixer PM-1235

Ezitech PM 835FX Power Mixer

Yamaha MG124 CX

Denn DSM-8R

Denn DMX-06

Golden Voice Karaoke Player

Denn DLX-12ARB


Black Spider BSPM-80S


IVA Power Mixer PM-8270

Denn DSM-8AR

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